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Temple of Eos

Temple of Eos

by Joon0112 on 2 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

This was a 3 week short term project, I was responsible for the asset modeling, lighting and set dressing of the environment. The grass asset and the dry grass texture on the ground is from Megascans.

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As a senior game art student, I was able to select the theme of a project I would like to do. Since I'm pursuing work in the 3D environment art field, I decided to do a Greek temple ruin to focus on environment art, including lighting and composition.

These are the screenshots of my project of the Greek Temple ruins of the Goddess Eos. It was a 3 week project, but I was still able to have the opportunity to learn other programs. I made all of the structural assets, such as the pillars, statues, and urns. I also made the ground plane of the world in Houdini, the bush in SpeedTree, and the rocks in Zbrush.

The grass assets and the dry grass texture on the ground are from Megascans.


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