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Student office & Abandonned house

Student office & Abandonned house

Queau Gabin
by GabinQueau on 27 Apr 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Here the 2 architecture visualisation i've made on this first year of 3d studies, the office is one on my first project on 3ds max and it's the longer one, the abandonned house was a really quick production for a contest so i used blender

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For this class project we had to make an interior design scene that we liked, I decided to take a fairly busy piece to challenge my workflow, the production time was one month and the goal was to have a realistic render. some textures are from quixel megascan. Here i edited my render with photoshop to boost the highlight, and to make some color correct

Here the render with Arnold, i used a lot of different lights to make my scene more realistic, i create some roughness map and height map for upgrading the quality of textures 

On this render i want to show the first step of modelisation for the desk and all the items on it.

I spent a lot of time on this step because i had to recreate some pretty technical objects like the MacBook or the chandelier, hopefully i found the true dimensions to help me for creating a scaled scene

On this clay render i want to show you the wireframe because it's an important part of the project, i used only quads or tri in my scene.

I spent a lot of time to correct the wireframe for having clean assets that i can reuse

Here the reference, i found it on pinterest so the quality is not really high but it was enough to see the different roughness variation

for this project we had 7hrs to create a scene that fits the theme that was "spirit are you there ?".

I used assets from quixel to create this abandonned house on blender, i've added chromatic aberration and a better lighting  on photoshop for boosting the realism 

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