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2D Motion Design/ Illustration

2D Motion Design/ Illustration

Lena Zagora
by LenaZagora on 14 Mar 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hi! I'm a motion designer and illustrator from Germany. I just graduated and I'm now starting into the real world. :)

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I'm a motion designer and illustrator from Germany. While I always loved animation, my love for motion design really shined during my studies. My degree is in graphic design, but the course options were incredibly broad and I used the opportunity to specialize in motion design and illustration. In the show reel you will find my most recent work, but lets dive in few projects a bit deeper.

I startet focusing on socially or environmentally important topics during my studies. That is probably best represented by my bachelor thesis about my mother fleeing the GDR, which tells a story a lot of people experience fleeing there country.

One of my favorite projects from uni was this mixed media project, combining Riso-printed illustrations with AR Animations and (plot twist!) the animations are also frame by frame Riso-printed. You can try them yourself with the filters on my instagram:

Thanks so much for checking my work out, if you are interested to see more: is my website :

...and instagram: @l.zagora

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