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The Wondrous Adventures of Captain Kit

The Wondrous Adventures of Captain Kit

A childish cat drags his screwball space crew on a far out adventure to put a stop to the malevolent Doctor Jelly's wicked plan. Graduation trailer from La Salle University directed by Irene Castro, Kirsty Harris, Ksenija Popovic, Arnau Altimira, Oriol Ruiz, Pau Losada, Josep Ismael, Alexander Sakhivob, María Güemes.

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The Wondrous Adventures of Captain Kit


Aimed at children, The Wondrous Adventures of Captain Kit is meant to be a dynamic and stylized series, of comedic genre, for streaming platforms, with auto-conclusive episodes that have a seasonal plot that helps the series progression.

What starts as a simple shopping trip for Kit’s favorite cereal, fastly turns into an intergalactic adventure, with its final destination at the infamous Dr. Jelly’s Starchip Factory. And between cat scratches, crocodile tears and robot noises, this crew of Kit, Sam, Q3 and Jam Jaws, not only faces the biggest villain of the Universe, but explores the true meaning of friendship.

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We knew our characters where going to be the centre of the story. So we wanted them to be really unique and different from each other not only in design but also in personality. That's why we worked with really different shapes, sizes and also tried to identify each of them with a color. The uniform helped to unify them as a team despite their differences.


Through the animation of the trailer we achieved that exaggerated and cartoony look to the characters. Having them make really extreme poses with lots of squashing and stretching. We also had to be careful that through all the action and exaggeration the shots were still readeable since the majority of them were extremely short.


Being most of the trailer set in a factory we had to work on a variety of fx, mainly fluids and jellies. We also did some pyro simulations in Houdini to create the explosions that appear in some of the shots.

Lighting & Compositing

This two "departments" worked hand in hand to bring all the project together. We had to work carefully with colors in order to get that saturated and colorful look while making sure they didn't clash. In compositing we also made the characters come out of the frame in some of the shots to both accentuate the animation and the cartoony style. 

We are really proud and happy of the outcome of our project and we hope you enjoyed this small insight into Captain Kit's world!

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