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Game Environment Art | Portfolio 22/23

Game Environment Art | Portfolio 22/23

Rodolfo Silva
by RodolfoSilva on 11 Mar 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

4 projects that comprise my portfolio during this last year while studying at Escape Studios. All projects were made in paralel to the classes and were made from scratch with the purpose to be posted as portfolio pieces

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Four Videogame Environment Art projects from this year's portfolio.

Top left to bottom right:

-Forgotten Altar;

-Gate to Sanctuary;

-The Agamemnon;


'Forgotten altar'

(Final project for Escape Studios)

This was a 4 month project for the final module of my MA in game art at Escape studios. I decided to make a large open ended environment which allowed me to explore procedural techniques to create lifelike terrain and delve deeper into advanced material creation with complex shader effects and also explore foliage creation in SpeedTree and organic environment asset creation in ZBrush.

All of the materials were done before I got into actually making any props or game models. since most of them would have to be created with those shader systems in mind.

A few slides showing part of the asset creation process (see full explanation on Artstation).

Every foliage asset was created from scratch in SpeedTree and tweaked in Maya (see full process on Artstation).

A few slides showcasing the VFX and Tech Art (see detailed FX breakdown on Artstation).

'Gate to Sanctuary'

(2nd project for Escape Studios)

This was a project for the 2nd module of my MA in game art at Escape Studios.

The focus here was organic environment modeling and exploring a dark fantasy environment that conveys a "horror-esque" and supernatural look in a goth fantasy setting.

For that I decided to make a "Diablo" themed environment since I'm a big fan of the art style and also the mood of the earlier iterations of the franchise (Diablo I and II)

A few slides of the modeling and vertex painting process (see full explanation on Artstation).

Texturing and detail map creation (see full material and process breakdown on Artstation).


(Real time VFX centered project)

This was a project executed within a 6 week deadline for the 3rd module of my MA in Game Art at Escape Studios.

The point of this project was to learn through applied practice how to make VFX for games by making a cinematic trailer of an environment and include as much VFX as possible.

A few examples of slides breaking down a couple of the effects and shader work.

(Check Artstation for the complete breakdown of all the VFX and Tech Art)

"The Agamemnon"

(1st project for Escape Studios)

This was my first ever full environment made from scratch. It was part of my first project at Escape Studios.

A few slides detailing the modeling  & texturing process and trim sheet creation

  (see full explanation on Artstation)

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