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RIGB (Texture) AX-23 Sentinel
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RIGB (Texture) AX-23 Sentinel

Alexander Rosete
by ZanderRose on 2 Mar 2023 for Autodesk - RIG.B

RIGB (Texture) - Superior & Advance the AX-23 Sentinel is part of an Elite Security Force that is called to take on any threat and protect the tremendous wealth of the Aegis who control the most powerful Starports in the sector.

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Update - 11 Apr 2023

Model from Maya, textured in Substance Painter, rendered in Iray. For clarification I did not add additional VFX or photoshop enhancements to the renders expect for blurring the backgrounds. Everything else from the model are from the materials I made in Substance Painter. I hope you all enjoy!

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Update - 11 Apr 2023

Here are a few rendered body shots of the model. I originally was going with white armor, but I kept experimenting with different ideas. I decided to work with gradient filters for the main armor. That would spread out various levels of grey and black tones throughout the main armor. I also played with the idea of cybernetic style patterns coursing through the Sentinel. Just trying to give it a twist. The problem I had was the gradient was washing out its color every time it overlapped with it. So after experimenting and several tweaks later I got  it work.

Update - 11 Apr 2023

These were some of the materials I created and used for my project. I wanted  to  break up the metalness with a few other types of materials like rubber tubing and hard carbon fiber style textures. I am hoping to give the robot some variety and also to give some realism. The main armor parts I added in more damage marks and scratches to show the Sentinel is battle hardened and has gone through some tough encounters. The joints I wanted to add in scuff marks and greasy stains, since they are the inner working parts and are usually protected, so that means less damage.

I wanted to touch up on the jet packs and give them a worn burnt metal look, like you would see from jet engines on fighter jets. These jets need major power so I wanted to have some fun with the visible pipes the model has behind the glass on the shoulders. It was a great opportunity to do something crazy.

Another key element I wanted to focus on was the emissive channel. This would bring the Sentinel to life and would bring on the awesome Sci-Fi feel. I could go crazy with it but the goal is to not overdo it. Kinda =D

I was working on various stances to convey how formidable the AX-23 Sentinels are. With Jet packs on their backs, I thought of them being able to track down their targets and would usually approach them from above. And when you finally see them..... game over.

Update - 30 Mar 2023

The main goals I want to achieve from this model are:

1. To look Advance / High Tech

2. Look Intimidating / Powerful

3. Awesome Sci-Fi Robot

The story is its part of an Elite Security Force that is called to take on any threat and protect the tremendous wealth of the Aiges who control the most powerful Starports in the sector.

What I'm going for pretty much is to make something I would see in a big budget Sci-Fi movie! Haha I know I know, people would comment saying "Whoa, calm down dude, take a seat and relax for a bit!". It sounds crazy but hey I'm going for it.  I'm going to have fun with it and try to bring the WOW factor. 

I meant to post this over a week ago but didn't have time. I'm been working on this model and have been doing some wacky experiments on him. In these shots I've setup the design for the model and began testing out various layers, filters, generators to get a look I'm aiming for. I want to show some scars from battle, but I don't want him to look like a junk yard robot.

Update - 20 Mar 2023

I've been gathering some ideas for my project. I'm leaning towards some white, orange, grey, black combo. I plan on testing out various color assortments and see what looks best. So I'm still open to trying out different setups and patterns. The theme I want to go with is a security mech. I'm not talking about mall security, but something along the lines of an Elite Private Security Force. That sounds pretty cool.

Update - 2 Mar 2023

This is my entry  for the RIGB (Texture) challenge and my very first 3D contest ever. This model is awesome and I'm excited to work on it. I've been making some minor adjustments/tweaks to the mesh as I examine it. I have been using the UDIM's to my advantage as well as the wonderfully cut UV's. I'm also creating additional material ID's to help me focus on specific areas which will allow me precise detail focus.