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This is my entry for #Substance3DRobotChallenge. He is called 'Hope' . Hope is just a wanderer who wants to spread happiness and hope to wherever he goes. Are you lonely and depressed? Just call 'Hope'

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Update - 24 Nov 2022

Final Render

Setting up the scene in Blender

I am more familiar with blender in doing environment things. That is why I chose to set up the final render in blender.

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Update - 24 Nov 2022

November 24


Modelling and rigging bird

Update - 24 Nov 2022

November 20-23

Texturing in Substance Painter

I made textures separately because I was worried that my laptop can't work for many things. As you can see, I added 'Save Myanmar' because I am from Myanmar. I also wish 'Hope' will bring the happiness to us.

Rigging and Skin Weight Painting

Rigging and skin weight painting is unfamiliar for a beginner like me. I didn't even know how to do skin weigh painting. Luckily, I found a tutorial from a Youtube channel.

His robot rigging and human skin weight painting tutorials helped me overcome the difficulties.

Update - 23 Nov 2022

November 11-13

I made the boy base mesh first and then added robotic parts according to my 2D sketch. For the details of the right hand, I took references from kitbash and did modelling by myself. After that, I wanted to do texturing with high resolution  so I separated UVs for respective meshes. Modelling and UVmapping is done in Maya.

Update - 23 Nov 2022

November 10

This is my first sketch of Hope from the references