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Update - 22 Nov 2022


Currently, this is the final render.

There are 2 days left to create some more render

We are seeing new renders. This one in particular, creating a video within Marmoset

On this occasion, what was done was to apply the SubstancesPainter textures to Marmoset and see again the results of the work carried out.

First Render in Substances Stager.

We delve into the SubstancesStager program and apply materials to see how the character works in real time.

I have to admit that it's the first time I've used this software and the truth is that it has a lot of potential.

We will investigate it for future projects

Within SubstancesPainter, we apply materials to give a vision more in line with the concept, and we give it a personal touch with some emissive within the character itself that will give it more life

Having configured the highpoly and the lowpoly in zbrush, we apply polypaint to reorder the pieces and take it to Substances Painter

We continue with the blockout phase.

On this occasion, we are already giving more shape to the character and having the clearest ideas

The work begins with a sphere in Zbrush and with bouleanas, we are shaping the character.

After considering several concept projects for this contest, in the end I have decided to go to a platform of images free of copyright and this is the concept that I have chosen.

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