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The Circus of Feelings
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The Circus of Feelings

Hey! This is the last update of the project. I explain all the pipeline from the Concept to the Final Renders. Enjoy watching and reading!

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Update - 25 Nov 2022

The Circus of Feelings

Good morning all!

This is my personal representation of a person's state of mind.

Each robot represents an emotion.. happiness, anger, excitement, sadness, and love.

Any person to feel good must have a perfect balance of all these emotions but sometimes we feel as if we are in a circus where it is so easy to lose this balance.

Every emotion is represented by a robot as often our feelings are induced by society and by what surrounds us .. but what we have to remind ourselves every day is that we are not made of iron... it's okay to be happy but it's just as good to be sad, and nobody can say to us how we should feel.

It's a simple reminder that our state of mind may not be always a perfect performance, sometimes our robots need some oil to move better.. or they need to be fixed by someone who takes care of us.. or maybe they are just tired and need to recover… and that is OK.

I hope you can enjoy my project.



Searching for references for this project, I came across a concept that immediately captured my attention and it’s the following

Made by:

Concept Artist and Creator of stempunk series “Imperial Steam & Light”.


I decided to start modeling on Maya from these sketches.

For blocking and low poly I tried to use simple and streamlined shapes to give a sense of lightness to the character.

Before switching to Substance I set the UVs, managing to obtain a good result by grouping them in 4 UDIMs.

Texturing & Shading

As for the textures, using Adobe Substance Painter, I decided to represent the wear and tear of time and effort in the body of the robot, creating rust and scratches on a metal surface devoid of any paint.

The next step was to create the shading of the materials, followed by the adjustment of some basic parameters.

Layout & Lighting

Accurately following the concept, I recreated the pose of the robots through the use of parent relationships between meshes.

I didn't want to recreate an environment, but I wanted to challenge myself in creating visual effects through lighting with the help of volumetrics to fill the scene, but without making the viewer take the eye away from the characters, but rather focusing the attention on them.


As for the renders, I used Arnold trying to set up the cameras in the best possible way to get the images you have seen.


I set myself the challenge of not doing post production except to add texts inside the images.

Final Result

Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend!

Edoardo Callegaro

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Update - 23 Nov 2022

Hi everyone! 

This is the third WIP of the project and in this update a create a layout using references from an artwork that i show you at the end of the challenge! 

Stay tuned for the final renders after the shading materials and the adjustments of the lighting! 

Thank you for you time! 

Update - 22 Nov 2022

Hey! Welcome back!

In this update I'll show you the final textures I decided to do for this character.

What do you think? 

Update - 21 Nov 2022

The Circus of Feelings 

This is my first WIP for The Rookies Robot Challenge!