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Here is Stell-Ar (or just Stella:) ) My entry for the cute robot contest! She's a support robot for her teammates providing healing and shielding!

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Update - 18 Nov 2022

Here you can see her complete colors! I just love how these colors look together but I am not 100% sure that these will be the final ones. I loved the pink, white and blue combo; just think it makes her pop!

Here I was fleshing out the idea that I had in the concept sketch, I was thinking of a magical girl robot type, inspired by character like Mercy, Echo, the Winx Club girls etc.  You'll notice I started out with a more "military" design for the character before I settled on something I considered cute! I wanted to go for a clean future-tech design and not a rugged mechanical military vibe. For her face Baymax was the biggest inspiration, the whole eyebrow-less mouth-less design is just so cool to me!

Initial concept sketches!

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