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Humaniod Robot Girl -- HARU
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Humaniod Robot Girl -- HARU

Fisrt time ever to try a contest. I am really enjoying doing this. Meet my lovely humaniod robot girl HARU! I created her from concept to fully textured model. The design of her is inspired by some 80s Japanese Sci-Fi Animes. She has an apperance of Oiran, she is adorable, and she can fight!

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Update - 1 Nov 2022

Concept finished! Next step is to block out the basci shapes!

I enjoy doing things from concepts to fully textured model. The design of my lovely robot girl is inspired by 80s Japanese Sci-Fi Anime, like "Ghost in the Shell", "Gunnm" and "The Five Star Stories". I want her to be adorable but can also fight. Firstly I skeched out a silhouette for her genral look.

The style and color of her is inspired by a Japanese Oiran, who usually has heavily waxed hairstyle with crazy amount of hair ornaments and wearing super high geta (a type of Japanese shoe). As my girl is a robot, she wouldn't mind heavy head and high heels, haha. She has jets hidden in her calfs, which will help her to move really fast. Beblow is my colored concepts of her front and back view. More details might be added when creating the model. 

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