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Artem X-CB
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Artem X-CB

The reproduction in plastic and in reduced scale of an invincible robot

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Update - 3 Nov 2022

Final render complete in Substance 3D Stager. I've used a table and a book from the default library just to pose the model

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Update - 3 Nov 2022

I have finished the texturing phase. This is a summary of the process I went through:
- Divided the UVs based on the 3 colors of plastic, 1 metal and 1 UDIM dedicated to the face that will have to reproduce a display covered with glass;

- After bake I've used a layer with normal map and a mask for some manual correction and a layer to paint details with standard normal brushes;

- For something custom I've created Alpha images to paint masks on Height layers;

- For each Plastic Material I've used the same layers: basic color + mould lines (roughness mask) + dirt/dust (generator, blur, handpaint) + few scratches (color and height mask);

- I've created Stickers by painting a Metallic base with a little height (I've creater an Anchor point to the mask), painted the colors over it and simulated the wearing out by using a Metal edge wear Generator with the anchored mask as Micro Height;

- For Metallic parts I've used the same method used for plastic, just with a different texture for roughness/height variations

- Lastly I've used Alphas for the face with emissive color and I've tuned Emissive Intensity in the Shader Settings.

Update - 1 Nov 2022

I took a few steps back ... I cleaned up the low poly model, it is now at 16k Tris. I decided not to use ZBrush's detailed model. I made a bake of the same model with the necessary bevels and a couple of smooths. On this basis I worked by adding all the details directly in Substance Painter with levels of Heights and Normals.

I'm now testing opacity and emissive, then I'll pose the model and try to do the final Render in Stager.

I gathered reference images of plastic and metal materials and for stickers

Update - 24 Oct 2022

I've made a low-poly model in Maya, added the necessary bevels and cut the UVs. Then I did a couple of subdivision levels and exported fbx to add details on Zbrush

Update - 20 Oct 2022

My goal is to create a robot by drawing inspiration from the old classic anime series (Gundam, Daitarn, Trider etc ...). To make it cuter, I thought about making a chibi version. I searched several references of chibi mecha, but in the end I decided to make a personal sketch that combines a rounded head with a squarer body. I also tested a very classic color palette for old anime robots.