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Cooking robot
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Cooking robot

A cute little robot who will cook for you :)

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Update - 24 Oct 2022

Hello! I worked quite a lot of my little robot since the last update, so here is my progress!

I first did a block out directly in Zbrush. Once I was satisfied with the proportions, I started to sculpt my high poly!

I'm quite happy with how it came out! :)

I then did a low poly on 3dsMax. My next step will be the UVs, and then the texturing! Can't wait to finish my little guy!

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Update - 19 Oct 2022

Hello everyone,

Today I will present you my concepts for my robot! I decided to make a cook robot because I though it would be cute!

I did this concept on photoshop, then I started to gather some references

I may have to change some of them, add more in the future but this is what I'm going with :) There are references from real life and some references that I found on artstation that inspired me.

I'm really happy with the concept and I can't wait to start modeling him!

Best of luck to everyone participating :)