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martin Joubert
by Sharkdaw on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

FROGGY is a 3D Arcade game where you have to eat and collect everything you can. This is a project that lasted a total of 72 hours cumulated solo. Links :

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FROGGY is a 3D Arcade game where you have to eat and collect everything you can.

In this game you have to analyze the environment. You will have to devour the most flies but be careful, you only have 2 minutes 30 to get maximum points.

There is a color code for the flies:

- Red: Gives you a speed penalty for 5 seconds

- Green: Gives you a speed bonus for 5 seconds

- Blue: Gives you 1 point

- Orange: Gives you 5 points

- Purple: Gives you 10 points

In addition, there are coins scattered around the 4 corners of the map, it will give you 50 points.

🚨 Be careful if you attack near the flies they will flee. 🚨


I put you the direct link of the APK of the project if you want to test it.


FROGGY is a concept I did during a Game Jam. it lasted 24 hours in production time. I share the link of the Game Jam:


I will now show you the steps I went through to adapt this concept so that it could be on mobile


The first change was the camera because on the pc version we could move the camera freely, except on mobile it is not ideal to perform this kind of manipulation on a smaller screen and whose principle is based on Timing.

Therefore, I obtained for a camera in view of top fix, so that the player is concerned about what is happening in front of you without having to think about managing it.


I also had to work on the level design because I had to adapt the map to the new property of the camera. Therefore I kept my level base which is on a Diamond base, in order to give it a correct size. Because the size of the map was simply too big compared to the interaction that can be done there.


I have redesigned the level design so that I can add new interactions, so here the idea is to add content that will aim to give greater or lesser rewards to the player depending on the time it takes to complete. In add element we have:

- Quest: The player will be able to speak with a frog so that it can give him a quest.

- Interactive element: The player can interact with the decor so that he can obtain additional rewards.


Once all this is done, I had to switch to the optimization box because the game currently requires too many resources to run on a phone. Which made me conclude this:

- I had to lower the graphic quality because it would take up too much space compared to the game concept.

- This concept is said to be quick and easy to learn, I had to clean up the graphics as much as possible in order to save space.

- I had to highlight all the "interactive" elements of the game so that it is more easily perceived by the players.

- So I had to retract all the DA without distorting the concept and the universe of the game.

Result of the optimization: We went from a project that was 940 MB to 120 MB.


To finish my epic on the mobile port of this game, I had to rework the UI so that it would be more suitable for mobile players. So here the idea is to work on the key mapping and in order for it to be usable by the greatest number of people, I wanted to focus more on symbols in order to overcome the language barrier.

Among the designs I got a round design that would make you think of a real button so that it makes players want to press.

Here is several example:


Thank you all for taking the time to look at my work, it was quite an adventure for me because the production time:

- 72 hours of work

- I was also solo in this project

thank you, if you like the concept and who knows you may have downloaded the game. If so, I wish you a good game.

It was a very stripped down summary of what I experienced while setting up this port, but still with a lot of information coming out of it.

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