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Concept Art 2022

Concept Art 2022

Jean-Baptiste Ollivier
by jbollivier on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hello there! My name is Jean-Baptiste, I'm in 5th year at ArtFX and will graduate by the end of june 2022. Here is some work done mostly on my spare time, during these past 14-15 months.

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Personal work

Keyframe Challenge

Previously named 24hr concept challenge, the goal was... well, to create a concept in 24 hours based on a small description/brief. Here are some of my works.

'In the crystals surrounding her, Anara saw herself multiplied a thousand times, in every color of the spectrum. "Adam..." she whispered; and her voice echoed back a thousand times too, amplified in volume by the cavern. Perhaps, she wondered, this was the crossroads of a million dimensions.'

"Labourers worked on the excavation site, all of them skirting nervously around the entrance to the necropolis. Thet dared not to even look at the entrance, for fear of the dark powers that lay inside."

"Minutes passed as he contemplated his next brush stroke. Soon, hours had passed. Then, as if the way forward had finally become clear to him, he raised his brush and laid down a decisive line of ink."

"The pumpkin king’s elongated limbs twisted and warped as he towered over Karla, his face breaking into a wicked smile. Carrion birds circled above, cawing excitedly. As the pumpkin king bore down on her, the stench of rot and filth filled the air, and Karla felt a horror so dreadful that she could no longer muster the will to scream."

"With every step the wizard took, he could feel bones crunching beneath his feet. Seagulls and crabs along the shore pecked at washed up carcasses."



DIVE - ArtFX Shortfilm

Last year, I was asked to create a few concepts for the short movie Dive. Most of my work didn't quite make it to the final delivery, but it was fun to try for the first time some concept design. I really need to improve. Here are some of my concepts, and some screenshots form the movie, available on youtube.

The Last Hope

Personal project carried with Chloé Berthier. 2 weeks, 2 enviro artists, and a lot of struggles (those god damn cypres...). More seriously, it's a project we did on our spare time. Here are 2 concept mood I did to get an idea of the overall project, and you can also find some WIP of the actual 3D work that needs to be pushed more in compositing.

Experimentations and practises

Well, that concludes my entry!

Creating art while making a short film almost 7 days a week has not been an easy task this year, but I tried my best! Now that my final year at ArtFX reaches its end, I'm ready for what will come next. Hopefully, I will have more time to learn new techniques, find better solutions to my needs, discover more softwares...

 If you are still reading, I would like to thank you for your attention, and wish you a very good day, fellow artist!

Until next time!

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