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Axel Sence - 3D animation entry

Axel Sence - 3D animation entry

Axel Sence
by AxelSence on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi ! I'm Axel Sence, currently in my 4th year at MOPA. I love to create images in order to convey emotions, I love to keep learning new ways to do that and I love sharing them in hopes to create a reaction, a spark in others. In this entry I present to you my best work from 2021 and 2022. I hope you'll enjoy it !

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Here is my demoreel for 2022 containing all the best work I did from 2021 and 2022


TRAUMA is a group project that includes me, Violette Talalaeff, Astrid Novais, Maxime Foltzer, Lucas Cros and Estelle Bonnardel. 

It was a 13 weeks project centered around the " Shapes and Spaces " theme done in our 4th year at MOPA.

It is about the simultaneous beauty and violence of boxing.

On this project we worked together a lot during pre-production I participated in the story of the short, character designs, story-board, concept art and reference gathering.

During production we had more clear roles and mine were focused on the environments. I did modelling, shading, lighting.

As for post-production I did the compositing of the two shots I present here. I also worked with the group to help setup the scenes, render layers and rendering itself.

Softwares used : Maya, Arnold, Blender, Zbrush, Substance painter and Nuke.


Estelle Bonnardel did some wonderful concept art for this short and so my job was to stay as close to her concepts as possible. Which was a difficult task but I enjoyed the challenge a lot, I learned new ways to work and sharpened my skills.

I did all aspects on this shot except the crowd, characters and animation.

From key reference to concept art to final shot :

A quick video to show the compositing I did for this shot :


The neurons shot was a difficult task but also a very rewarding one. I learned to use simulation for modelling, discovered and practiced geometry nodes in blender too.

In this shot the shading and displacement is entirely procedural which I loved to improve on.

I did all aspects on this shot except animating the geometry node.

Modelling, layout, shading and lighting breakdowns !

Another video to show the compositing I did for this shot :

I'd say this project was a huge step forward for me as I could focus entirely on the aspects I love most.

I improved the way I work in a group, learned to work on a image in a efficient way as I tend to dive too much into details. It was really enriching and in general made me improve as to how you go about creating a powerful image. To use everything available ( modelling, lighting, shading etc ) to help better convey the message, emotions of the story and also to stay faithful to the original idea / concept.

I loved working with these talented people and our end result !


Here's a personal project I did to learn the hardsurface boolean workflow. It is my first try and I'm proud of the result. I definitely learned a lot and I'll be using it again.

I learned to use marmoset toolbag for the baking, lighting and rendering of this asset and sharpened my zbrush skills.

For all the renders I only used two HDRI's for the lighting and no compositing was done.

Softwares used : Blender, Zbrush, Maya, Susbtance painter, Marmoset toolbag

Concept art and turns 


Here's the hybrid chef I made for school. He's cooking my friend Swann's hybrid Pi-Rat !! 

This project was made with Blender, Maya, Zbrush, Substance painter, Yeti, Arnold and Nuke. 

Below is some concept art, breakdown and turns for this project !


Here is a little school project I made trying to obtain an old film look with a creepy touch to it. It is an old and abandoned puppet overgrown by nature.

I loved to improve on my efficiency during this project.

Softwares used : Maya, Zbrush, Arnold, Nuke

As always a bit of behind the scenes !


Here's one of my 3rd year projects at MoPA. We were tasked with the creation of a 1 MIN short based around the MAGIC theme to do on our own and this is what I came up with.

I made everything from start to finish. From pre-prod to post-prod and from writing to editing ( except for the fooliage which were quixell assets and the tyflow node system for the rain on the windows).

It took approximatively 5-6 month of really really hard work but I learned so much in such a short period of time and I am really pleased with the result.

I focused more on the " image aspect " of this short and wanted to deliver beautiful stills for each shot in terms of modeling, surfacing, lighting, rendering and compositing.

To gain time, I chose to animate in steps but I worked hard on the animation too because I also wanted to convey properly what this short is about: taking some time off to enjoy the magic of music in order to escape and reconnect a bit with yourself and nature.

Here are the soft and sites I used :

3dsmax ( + Tyflow, Ornatrix ); Zbrush; Substance Painter; Vray; Nuke; Photoshop; Davinci Resolve and soundsnap

Some pre-production work, breakdowns and turns again !

From story-board to final shots

Thank you for your time, I hope you liked it !

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