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Exploratory Practice

Exploratory Practice

Henrietta Kormos
by henko on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi, my name is Heni, I'm a second-year Game Arts student at UAL. The following pieces represent my latest university project.

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My character is a half Draenei half Blood-elf priest from WOW who is looking for a specific plant because he needs the core of it to create a potion he can use to heal people.

This plant can be found in the City of Venom.

Here are the sketches I made for the seed and the plant.

Since I was pursuing to create a venomous atmosphere I was mostly using jellyfish as a reference.

Here are some value drawings I created for compositional exploration and to create believable space and atmosphere in my picture.

The following images present the final concept of the environment.

Thanks for watching! :)

Hope you liked my work, If you have any constructive criticism or advice, please feel free to comment.

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