Clémence Raffin - 3D animation entrie

Clémence Raffin - 3D animation entrie

Clémence Raffin
by clemrfn on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi! I'm Clémence Raffin, a second year student at MoPA school, in the south of France. I just started 3D so these projects were my first, but I love learning new things about the possibility of 3D everyday. I hope you'll like my work and I can't wait to dive deeper into the 3D world!

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A bit of magic

This was the second assignment of this school year : we had to create a unique attraction for an amusement park. It was only my second time using 3dsmax so it took me longer than expected, however I really loved working on this project. I enjoyed learning how to use VrayStochasticFlakes Material to make the snow, as well as discovering Nuke for the first time.

All aspects

Software used : 3dsmax, Vray, Nuke

Un Matin (One Morning)

One morning, in the kitchen, a little girl helps her grandmother to remove the stem from green beans.

We had to make a 10 second animated loop for school in an indoor environnement.

It was my first time doing an animated film, therefore I learned a lot during this project. I discovered the retopology, the rigging and skinning process, as well as the 3d animation workflow.

All aspects

Software used : 3dsmax, Zbrush, Vray, Nuke


Here’s my peaceful plant named Julie! This is the first project I made using substance painter, and I really enjoyed working on this cozy spot, playing with the textures, the lighting and learning how to use subsurface scattering.

All aspects

Software used : 3dsmax, Vray, Substance painter, Nuke

Un Bon Dimanche (A Good Sunday)

This short film was my very first group project in the 3d world. Amelie Baars, Loup Vial, Louis Velaine, and I worked together as a team for 2 months to produce it. We worked in collaboration with Le Musée départemental Arles antique (an archeological museum based in Arles, south of France) for their next exhibition.

This film is about Patrick, a simple man enjoying a swim on a sunday morning. He’s going to make a discovery which will led him to start illegal activities.

Software used : 3dsmax, Zbrush, Vray, Substance, Nuke, AfterEffect, Adobe Audition

I was in charge of the organisation of the project, which allowed us to have a clear image of where we wanted to go during the pre-production. We spent a lot of time thinking about the rythme of our film while doing the storyboard, everyone worked on it and we had a lot of fun putting our story from a scenario to a sequence of images.

A Good Sunday - Colorboard

A Good Sunday - Storyboard

Louis Velaine was in charge of the sculpting, the retopology and the texturing of our main character Patrick, as well as some lighting and environnement surfacing. Amélie Baars and Loup Vial were our animators but they helped with the surfacing too at the end as we were running late on the production.

I mainly did environment modeling and surfacing, along with the lighting of a few shot. I was in charge of the rigg of Patrick, using LH Autorigg that we got from our school. I also made all the other riggs needed by the animators Amélie Baars and Loup Vial : the palms, the banknote bundle, and the newspaper.

We split the compositing of our film in half between Louis Velaine and I to enhance the atmosphere we wanted. Based on the animatic edited by Amélie Baars, I made the final editing of the video as well as the soundtrack.

(Thanks to Florian Maurice for landing us his voice for our voice-over)

Leading this project and working as a team on a 2 minutes long movie was quite a challenge but we managed to get the job done together. There’s plenty of things that could be improved, but for a group of people who just started 3D a few months ago, we’re quite happy with the result and we hope that you like it too!

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