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Attic Dreams

Attic Dreams

Madelaine Fischer-Bernhut
by mfischerbernhut on 2 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Attic Dreams was created, but unfortunately wasn't finished, for Ubisoft Next 2022's Technical Challenge. The goal was to create procedural asset tools in Houdini that I could bring into Unreal. The tools would then allow me to quickly create prop variations and to easily iterate and alter the structure of the attic.

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Light to Dark: Normal to "Creepy" Transition.  Visually, I aim to transition different elements into normal and "creepy" states (Dressform and Vintage Sewing Posters) of the scene as the light flickers and fades in and out.

Normal - Detailed Lighting - Wireframe -Base Colour

Procedural Attic Tool and Modular Kit Overview.

Trim Sheets and Tiling Textures for Attic Modular Kit. Made with Substance Designer and Painter. Brick textures are Quixel assets.

Procedural Attic Tool Breakdown. Although I modeled the kit in Houdini, I set up the tool to allow the models to be interchangeable.

Procedural Asset Tools, Props, and Decals Overview. 

Posters transition from normal to "creepy" with the light.

Houdini node network overviews of the Prop Asset Tools.

Hanging caged light that fades in and out and flickers.

Dry and Wet Storm Lantern versions.

Chair - Desk - Lamp Texture Sets (Left to Right). A more detailed breakdown of the Bankers Set can be found here:

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