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Coconut Crab Girl 3D

Coconut Crab Girl 3D

Judith Escuder
by Judy on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

"Coconut Crab girl" by Judith Escuder . Concept art: Kevin Glint

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Hi! I'm Judith Escuder an student from Animum. "Coconut Crab girl" is my last study, a 3D Creature model based on one of the wonderful concepts made by Kevin Glint as part of the creature proyect in Animum Creativity Advanced School. From the base mesh to the final render I've worked on the entire 3D model. 

I would like to thank everybody that has helped me during this journey and specially my tutors for their advices!

---------------------------------------------------3D Model---------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------Render Details------------------------------------------------

---------------------------------------Concept Art by: Kevin Glint---------------------------------------

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