House Q04L63

House Q04L63

by laurarbdc on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Project of a single-family house by the Brazilian Architecture Studio mf+arquitetos, which i chose to produce the images for the final exercise of the Architectural Visualisation course at CICE, Madrid.

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House Q04L63, by mf+arquitetos.

I chose this project from the Brazilian Architecture Studio, to produce the images for the final exercise of the Architectural Visualisation course at CICE, Madrid.

When creating the renderings I focused on trying to represent as best I could the light and shadows that creates this architecture, the ambience in daylight and at night, as well as trying to be faithful to the materials and style of furniture chosen by the architects.

I chose this project because I was captivated by everything about it, like its monumental entrance and the route it creates opening you up to its perfect distribution of spaces.

Image of the front of the house.

I loved and tried to represent, the sensations and effects created by the controlled entry of light in the distributor. As well as its simple choice of natural materials, stone, wood, concrete and lots of vegetation.

Image of the main entrance.

The vegetation enters the interior of the house and becomes part of its decoration.

This perfect relationship that is established between the interior and the exterior turning everything into a single space, was what captivated me most about the project.

Image of the back of the house.

In House Q04L63 the 50% of the residence's total area is dedicated to communal and social space, which integrates a generous kitchen open to the living-dining room, a swimming pool and a sauna, while the remaining half of the surface area is dedicated to more private areas. 

Image of the dining room.

Image of the living room.

Image of the swimming pool and sauna building.

This intimate area is located at the front, and is separated by a central corridor that gives access to all the rooms and the social area. The boundaries between indoors and outdoors disappear in this house. The exteriors become an extension of the house, bringing a sense of spaciousness and luminosity to the interior, which I tried to create with my images.

Image of the corridor.

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