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Jean-Loup Charnais – Concept art

Jean-Loup Charnais – Concept art

Jean-Loup Charnais
by JeanLoupCharnais on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi everyone, my name is Jean-Loup, graduated from Artside game art school in the concept art class. Here is a bunch of concept I did during my training, and personal project I recently did. Hope you enjoy it !

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Eydolon is my graduation project for the Artside game art school. I had to make a bunch of concepts for a fictional video game, in a universe I imagined.
In a world where magic and technology coexist, the eydolon, a source of pure magical energy available only deep in the oceans, divides the peoples of the abyss and the surface. They seek to seize the eydolon, in order to incorporate it into their advanced technology and conquer the entire planet.
The people of the abyss seek to protect their resources in order to preserve biodiversity, the planet but also their people, whose powers depend entirely on the availability of this precious resource. In this turn-based RPG, you will have to choose to follow one of the two peoples to keep their own interests. Each people is represented by several champions with different classes and powers, who will accompany you during your adventure.

The Abyss

We start with the people of the Abyss. This race doesn't fear about anything, it is the last humanoid race present under the sea, and it draws its energy from the Eydolon, an original spiritual power source of all life on earth and on the sea. It must protect this resource, which is increasingly threatened by people on the surface, thirsty for power. Indeed, Eydolon is very valuable, and consuming it regularly allows you to be immunized against any disease and prevents aging.
The abyss are populated by creatures stranger than each other. Some have been there since prehistoric times, such as the huge Thorhusteus, which is itself a mini mobile reserve of Eydolon.

The Surface

Eager for power and wealth, the Surfacians seek to recover the power of the Eydolon and they will stop at nothing. The head of scientific consul Feyres does not hesitate to hire murderers to liquidate protesters who dare to oppose his research and experiments on the Eydolon, if corruption was not enough...
Very desert since the 3rd End of the World, the Earth continues to see its natural resources decrease (water, plants, etc.). Creatures like the terrible Ometrodon proliferate, a reptile with deadly poison, close to the varan.


Aykō is a project carried out during my Artside training, in collaboration with my friend Victor Maillet.
We had to create a world and a story for a fictional game. Aykō's universe takes place in Japanese culture and the Yōkais, malicious Japanese spirits and monsters. We had to make a certain number of plates according to a precise brief, in order to propose a series of concept art in character design, creature design and props (for my part).

Troll's burger

A very fun project inspired by Alexandre Diboine's work during the Artside training : it was to create a stylised/cartoon traveling restaurant.
A kebabist troll prepares succulent maggot burgers and other earthworm nectar smoothies. Don't hesitate to take a look if you feel like it!

Harbor house for Darksburg

Project I did during a workshop at Artside Game Art School with Jeremy Vitry. We designed an Harbor house in the artistic direction of Darksburg, and it was pretty fun !

Creature design

Creatures I designed during a workshop with Guillaume Normand at Artside Game art school. It was pretty fun to paint especially on the rendering, I try to follow the artistic direction of Arcane.

Playing alone

Illustration done at Artside Game Art School, during a workshop with the excellent Quentin Regnes. I learned a lot on this painting, big thanks to Quentin for his feedbacks !

Post-Apo – DPS Challenge

Personal project carried out for the challenge. It was necessary to follow a brief of your choice among those proposed, in order to realize designs of a post-apocalyptic universe.

Personal project : Pokemon regen

As a big fan of Pokemon, creatures and evolution, and disappointed for several years by the license which, I find, has not been able to grow with us, I decided trying to create a more mature Pokemon universe, with designs that are sometimes darker, stylised, closer to reality or simply more fun with more character. The project is only in its infancy but I am happy to present the beginnings here! Of course as a fan art, all the rights of the original artwork and designs are reserved to Nintendo/ The Pokémon Company.
In this "Pokemon Regen", I would like to include more characters in the game, with the possibility for the player to run the CS with them and have combat or capture abilities specific to each of them (see the texts of the boards). For example, defeating the arena and Pokemon league champions would have very powerful powers and bonuses, making them much harder to beat without a suitable strategy. I decided to re-design only the first generation, Pokemon and characters included: so there will eventually be the 151 Pokemon as well as all the Arena Champions and the League, each with their own specificity.

Personal work - A social RPG

I take advantage of this challenge to also integrate an ongoing project that I like very much, based on Alberto Dolce's idea ( Hl=fr). It's about creating with the help of his community a "social RPG game" with its history, heroes, villains, environments, props etc. I created several characters for the occasion. Hope you like it !

Thank you everyone for watching, hope you enjoyed my jpg ! :D

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