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A Compilation of Character Concepts

A Compilation of Character Concepts

by mioch on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi! Thank you for checking out my entry. I'm student at DAE hoping to get a job in the field of concept art ! Here is a collection of the projects I worked on this year. You can find more of my projects here -

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Puff The Wingless Dragon

This is an older world-building project of mine that I polished up this year. I plan to expand his universe in the future. 

Puff is my most cherished character design and enjoy working on him a lot. He is an innocent and happy wingless baby dragon. Looking for answers to question and curious of the unknown, he travels around this universe with a butterfly.

A 3D model based on his concept.

CarrotStar Troopers

This project was for a college course, where I had to design 3 coherent characters in a setting and theme, based on Taiga Kayama's style.

These creatures are situated on a starship in space looking for a habitable planet. They work on a carrot plantation within the ship to keep themselves nutritious.

A short styleguide made for the project

Projects in Progress

Fortune Teller

A project in progress where I am designing a character based on The Arcana style and universe.

Old Goat Man

Character concept project of mine to end this year of college with.

He is a travelling Shaman goat who previously was a veteran and is bringing blessings from village to village in order to redeem himself from his personal wrongdoings.

D'Lady Gabrielle

Project for a college course where we have to design a hero character based on a specific setting and style, I chose fantasy Renaissance/Medieval & style by Karl Abellanosa.

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