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"Uccidere o Morire": My first animation film

"Uccidere o Morire": My first animation film

by Gbarrasa on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi! I'm Gonzalo, Architect and 3D Artist from Spain. In the last year I have started to take my first steps with Unreal Engine with "butic The New School", and the result is this animation film. I have mixed two of my greatest interests, cooking and gangster movies, to create this story. I hope you like it!

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The protagonist of the story is a cook who owns a small restaurant in New York in the 60's. One day, he receives a letter from the black hand (the mafia) with a bottle of poison. He is forced to use it in one of his dishes to kill a diner. Kill or Die. Uccidere o Morire. 

·Concept: First storyboards·

·First part: Presentation·

The day arrives, and it is during this day that the film takes place. It begins with a first part in which the character and his conflict are introduced. 

·Second part: The Conflict·

In the second part, we can see the tension and nervousness that the cook has when he doubts whether to kill the diner or not. He drinks whiskey, cuts himself and stains the cutting board with blood...

·Third part: The End·

In the third and last part, we visualize the point of view of the cook going to look at the order and seeing that the moment has arrived. He goes to get the food from the oven...Will he do it?


The Kitchen

The Office

The Window

The Oven 

The Sink

Some of the project materials and project levels

                              The End

Other works

Illumination practice

This is a practice I did during the first part of my studies in "butic The New School". In this image I wanted the illumination to be the protagonist. I left aside the geometry and the materials, and I looked for the emotion in the lighting by using volumetric lights in 3ds Max and Vray. 

These are the materials of the project, being the most important the one used for the volumetric light.

"The Wall"

"The Wall" is a project of some houses that I made during my university period, and I have used it now to practice architectural visualization. It is made with 3ds Max and Vray 5.

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