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Unbend Studios (Breda University of Applied Sciences)
by UnbendStudios on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

♦ Breda University of Applied Sciences ♦ Year 3 Student Game ♦ Bewildered is a single player combat-adventure game, in which you play as the chosen guardian of your tribe’s sacred island.

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Bewildered is a single player combat-adventure game, in which you play as the chosen guardian of your tribe’s sacred island. Work together with the beastly guardian to save the island from corruption.

Created by 3rd Year students at Creative Media and Game Technologies @ Breda University of Applied Sciences. Please wishlist our game on Steam if you'd like to! Release: June 2022

Bewildered is a game made by third year students of Breda University of Applied Sciences.

Within the year we've had to develop the game, we encountered many struggles with translating the project brief into a fun, interesting and beautiful game, but ultimately we created some work we're happy with! We hope you will also enjoy our work.


The environment was originally dark and magical, but we switched to a bright, sunny forest late into production. Regardless of little time, we were lucky to have a skilled team that quickly created new work!


The monster character comes from a magical environment. They are a little scary, a little cute, and they want to fight by the player character's side.


Our player character has also undergone quite a lot of development! Originally, she was supposed to be contrasting the environment, while being an explorer in it.

You can see some of the early concepts side-by-side with the final character here. Now, she is part of the environment and a guardian of her tribe.


The UI art has also undergone a fair amount of changes! The crystal shape is very important in our game, so it is present in all iterations of the UI design.


We were lucky to have very skilled Y3 students from the outsource also help us, and this rig was made by an outsource student Veronica Redlaff.

Thank you so much for looking at our work!

Please feel free to leave a comment or contact any of us.

Additional credits:

Visual art team:

Manon Tamerus (VA lead)

Alex Smith (Character, Environment)

Reina Hameršak (Concept, UI, Environment)

Twan van Uffelen (Character, Environment)

Elora Pavlova (Environment)

Tamara Besselsen (Environment, Textures, Lighting)

Abigail Putri Simanjuntak (Animation)

Isa Weijers (Character, Environment)

Jimi Weijers (Environment)

Additional contributions:

Michelle Lipman (Animation)

Linda Fijlstra (Environment)

Paula de Jong (Environment)



Kim Bolenius, Charlot Hagenaars, Niamh Noordam


Anastasiya Fedaseyeva, Veronica Redlaff.

Rookies entry created by Reina Hameršak, Tamara Besselsen.

Thank you for your time!

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