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Traditional Post Production

Traditional Post Production

by JoelKIDANGAN on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

One of my last texturing projects for my first year at ESMA. The scene was modelled and textured in Maya with renderman.

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Hi everyone! Here's a 'Still Life' project for my first year of studies at ESMA Lyon. Scene done in Maya and rendered with Renderman. Still a lot to work on but quite proud of this one. :) Have a nice day!

The theme is supposed to be the idea of bringing 'Fix it in post' to traditional art. You see, I'm really not that great at traditional art (Ahem Ahem) and in college we keep complaining how life would be so much better with a control Z for traditional drawing.

Well Voila! Now you have it (Hypothetically) Traditional post production! The one stop solution to all your problems. Just plug your tablet into the object you want to sketch and use your tablet to paint (Quite literally). In theory you should have a result as displayed in this 'very real' image.

Well cheerio then! Enjoy this new life hack and have a nice day :)

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