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VFX Demo Reel Álex Cuadrado

VFX Demo Reel Álex Cuadrado

Álex Cuadrado Rubio
by aalexcr on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Demo Reel with my best projects of last year.

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            VFX Demo Reel 2022

Hello everybody! For the first time I introduce myself to the Rookies and I am very excited to be able to show you all the work I have done in the last year.

After many hours of hard work I'm finally here, wanting you to enjoy my work, I'll keep working to improve more and more until I get to be the artist I've always wanted to be.

Here you have my Demo Reel, enjoy!

Personal Project

In my personal project I wanted to reflect several aspects worked on during the last year, from all the Look Dev and Rendering to the simulations.

I have worked in Maya, doing simulations of xGen, Bifrost Aero, Ncloth

For the simulation of Bifrost Aero, I have created a setup to be able to make the footsteps of the horse against the ground.

Starting with an emission of particles with some Bounds that at the moment that the horse crosses them they begin to emit some particles with a defined direction.

From the particles I started to emit the Aero, touching parameters until I got the result.

Project Inspired by Rebelway project.

Unreal Engine 5 

Unreal is gaining ground in the industry thanks to all the tools it has, highlighting real-time rendering, for a month I ventured to play Unreal and decided to recreate the environment and lightning, with the Quixel Megascans assets from this video from Quixel Youtube channel. 

I am fascinated with Unreal, I am sure that I will do more projects and improve my techniques.


For the first time I have tracked a footage in Nuke and the truth is that I really enjoyed doing it.

Once the footage of the Palace of Culture and Sciences in Warsaw (Pałac Kultury i Nauki) was tracked, I modeled the tower to create a mask so that the characters that appear in the scene could pass behind it and take a pass of shadows.

When I squared the lighting in Maya I rendered it and started to create the composition in Nuke to do the integration.

Matte Painting

I really liked doing the Matte Painting, my project is inspired by "Cliffs Of Ereth Agoir" by Juhani Jokinen.

I created the environment in Maya with Quixel assets and I textured the environment creating my own procedural snow shader, once I had the LookDev and rendered, I went to the composition part and created the Matte Painting and integrating all the elements.

                                                                  Procedural Snow Shader.


Chroma is one of the main elements of VFX, making this project helped me better understand how the industry works, the footage is recorded on the Chroma set of FX Animation 3D & Film School, and with the crosses placed on the wall I was able to do the tracking to be able to go into maya and create the environment and LookDev.

Once I had the scene ready I entered Nuke to remove the chroma, I also created my own chroma set-up creating a new tool more powerful than Nuke's own with which I could perform the keying without any problem.

When I already had the environment and the chroma ready, it was time to integrate it and do the entire composition of the project.

Conclusions & Gratitudes 

So far my first participation in the Rookies, the truth is that I am very excited to present myself, I know that I still have a long way to go to continue improving and that is what I will do, I will work hard to finally one day be able to live from my passion.

I also wanted to thank all those people who help me day by day to improve by giving me feedback on my projects. 

I would like to thank all the teachers who have accompanied me on this adventure of turning my passion into my way of life and creating a better version of myself.

Thank you very much for your attention I hope you liked it, it has been a pleasure.

Álex Cuadrado Rubio

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