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Kabon Jidai, Steampunk Feudal Japan, IP Concept Art

Kabon Jidai, Steampunk Feudal Japan, IP Concept Art

Giacomo Bossi
by GiacomoBossi on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

My Entry for TheRookies Contest a Steampunk-Japanese-feudal world-

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Kabon Jidai is my IP, started during my Master at BigRock School ,it's a Steampunk-Feudal Japanese World ,and it narrates the story of the Nipponic world after the discovery of Steam for other uses ,in these drawings we are in the early stages of the Steampunk Era. 



Gear Castle,different type of moods


If you finished to see my project i'm grateful from my heart, this project is still Wip and i want to use it to grow as an artist and to see where and how I can push this IP to it's limits.


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