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Ana Paola Garza Guzmán
by anapaogg on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Project using Maya Cloth, Substance Texures and 3d image projection. Tribute to the series Moonknight.

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MoonKnight Tribute

 I'm a big Marvel fan, and for this project I got inspired on the new series  MoonKnight.

 I've done this project, to try to pay tribute to the most iconic props in the series.

 The entirely mood of the project's lights are ment to reflect B&W constrasts of the enviroment, (as the  series plays a lot with these too), trying to obtain the sense of mystisism.

I used cloth to help tell the story of this frames.

Here we get to see the God Khonshu's skull being unvailed.

I added all the hieroglyphics details on the Moonknight daggers, and blood and rag texture to the bandages.

Trying to do with substance and 3Dscanning images the hieroglyphics on the walls,daggers and obelysk.

I also worked with cloth to destroy and reconstruct the obelysk.

Thank you for your time to check my entry, hope you liked it!


Ana Paola Garza.

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