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My Game ready 3D models and Unreal showcase

My Game ready 3D models and Unreal showcase

Álvaro García Lozano
by Artakkin on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

These are the Video Game projects I made in Animum School this year, with a detailed process. Hope you like it.

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My Video Game 3D models made at Animum Creativity Advanced School

Quick context about my experience.

Before Animum Creativity Advanced School

I'm Alvaro, I studied a video game development & design degree, obtaining basic notions of all fields, but focused mainly on the development and programming part. I decided that I wanted to learn more about 3D, which was what most caught my attention and my current passion. I started with blender, signing up a few months later to Animum School.

Cyberpunk game character

This is my first videogame model character, made in two months 

─Zbrush for high model

(The face is manually detailed, R3DS Wrap4d is used to fill some gaps with a real face scan)

─Maya for retopology and low poly objects creation

─Substance Painter / Substance Designer / Hair Strand Designer for baking and texturing

─Blender / Mixamo for rigging and animation

─Unreal Engine / Marmoset toolbag for real-time visualization

─Photoshop / Premiere Pro for final touches

100k tris / 4 Uv-Sets

I wanted to go one step further and learn some rig and Unreal engine and could not be happier. I would never forget the first time I saw one of my characters coming to life.

Unreal Demo Reel

Music, Lighting, UI set up, scenario set up, and physics by me.

Animations and NPC´s from mixamo.

3D meshes from an asset bundle.

UI elements from an asset bundle.

Zbrush high model 

4 UV sets used

The rig was made on Mixamo, then adjusted and upgraded on Blender, creating all extra rig controls with Mixamo add-on for Blender. All animations come from Mixamo as raw motion capture data and then the retarget was made on Blender with that Mixamo add-on.

Concept by Yuhong Ding

Tech demo about scenario set-up and physics applied to the character.

Low poly axe

(2004 tris)

Game ready axe with 2004 tris made in Animum Advanced Creativity School

Retopology & texturing / 1 UDIM

─Maya for retopology

─Substance 3D Painter for baking & texturing

─Marmoset toolbag for real-time rendering

Concept provided by Animum

(When exporting to Viewer, there is a Metalness workflow to Specular workflow conversion, so Albedo & Reflectivity channels are a little messed up)

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