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Concept and studies

Concept and studies

Laura López López
by lauralopez on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi! I'm Laura, a concept art student in Voxel School. My entry consists of some characters I've been developing for a while and random concepts and studies I made for class and myself. Hope you enjoy and thanks for passing by!

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Born as an outcast, Enix is a fifteen year old girl striving to be the greatest bounty hunter ever known. Years of living in the streets have shaped her into a feared fighter, being known for leaving her rivals burnt, confused and embarrased. It’s said she descends from the old cursed kings, whom gave her fire powers. She tries to use them the least possible, but it’s more difficult saying than doing, so it’s easy to know she’s been to a place if the air smells smoky.

Spark is the most beloved possesion Enix has. It's an old knive with runes engraved that allow Enix to catalyze her fire powers. The combination of the runes kaun, sowilo and othala (which refer to fire, sun and heritage respectively) allows her to make a more controlled use of her powers and discourages her enemies to face a burning metal, avoiding unnecesary fights.

Thalia was found among the rests of a shipwreck when she was a baby. All she has left from her parents is the blue amulet she always keep close, and some strange gills in her neck that allow her to breathe under water. She usually covers them with clothes to avoid strange looks. 

Shy and quiet, she loves reading and staring at the sea. She  doesn't know yet, but she's a descendent from an old sea goddess. In her journey to find her roots she'll meet Enix, which will lead to a special bond between the two girls.

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