environment portfolio

environment portfolio

by gyebnarhajnalka on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi, I'm Hajnalka, I've always been mesmerized by digital art and VFX, so I started learning modeling in 3D alongside my textile design studies. After a few years gap, I took a CG course at 3D Home in Hungary. I'm passionate about modeling , texturing and I hope I'm soon become an evironment artist.

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I felt sorry for the little Opportunity after its last message and that was my inspiration to create this scene. So what would it be after we dusted its solar panels? I modeled the hard surface meshes in Maya and the hills in Zbrush. I textured the models in Substance Painter and I created the rock material in Substance Designer for the ground.


This scene was my first homework project which I updated continuously. I used Maya for the hard surface models and Zbrush for modeling the pillow and some plant parts (except the pullover base mesh. For that I used a Maya content browser mesh and modified it in Zbrush.) I textured the models in substance painter and I added modifiers in Arnold too. The most fascinating part was working on the pullover with Xgen splines and modifiers, in order to get the most lifelike and fluffy look. It was a great challenge to make it look as lifelike as I could.


I created this scene (because I was missing our peony-covered garden) as a way of practicing shading and texture painting for my portfolio. I used Maya for modeling the hard surface elements and I used it partly for texturing next to Substance Painter. I used Zbrush for modeling the peony bouquet. I painted the material of the flower petals and leaves in Substance Painter. The picture in the background is an old sketch of mine.


The inspiration for this quick scene was a late, rainy autumn hike. I made the base mesh in Zbrush with custom-made alphas for the animal trails. I liked keeping on practicing texturing and working with debris and foliages in Substance Painter. I also enjoyed integrating everything with lights and water to a scene.


My all-time inspiration is the great outdoors. Sometimes I like to depict the mood and the atmosphere, sometimes I just focus on the details. I practiced my procedural shading and texturing techniques in Maya-Arnold on this scene. I really enjoyed building up the texture and appearance of both the snow and the moss using different texture shaders, noise patterns and scales, and especially the work with displacement maps. It was also exciting to create the fog from several 3D containers and add lights to evoke the feeling of a cold breeze in daylight. I liked experimenting with how I can change the mood with enchanting lights when the sun goes down. 

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