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3D Art 2021-2022

3D Art 2021-2022

by robsi on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This entry showcases my progress as a hobbyist. Hope you enjoy!

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Here I present you my work over the last year and a half. With this project I wanted to learn how to use a Trim-Sheet and Unreal Engine 5 (Lumen and Nanite). Base modelling and unwrapping was done in Blender, scultping in Zbrush, texturing in Substance Painter and lighting and rendering in UE5. Hope you enjoy.

Here are some breakdowns of the environment

With this Trim-Sheet I textured nearly everything.

Modular Assets textured with the trimsheet (except the arch)

Decorations used to fill the scene.

Door Blueprint for automatcly opening the door when you collide with the box.

And lastly a few marmoset files

I also wanted to say thank you, to whoever did this awesome stained glass concept!

This is not from me:

Second Project: Warhammer 40k Shield and Sword fan art

UV of the Assets

The oldest and last project: UE4 Stylized Environment. Inspiration taken from World of Warcraft MOP.

Foliage Atlas for all the plants and leaves.

Sculpts done for the project

Process gif of the environment:

Hope you enjoyed!

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