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Nikola Praizovic - Hard surface art

Nikola Praizovic - Hard surface art

by nikolapraizovich on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This is a few of my recent projects, most of which was made during our portfolio course at school.

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The snowbike

This snowbike was one of my portfolio-pieces at school. I knew I wanted to make a game-ready bike, but I also  wanted to make it into something special. After some brainstorming  and gathering feedback from classmates I ended up making this snowbike. 


My first portfolio piece was this dragunov, I mostly picked it because I really like the style and grungy feel of it. Another major reason for picking it was that I wanted to work a bit more on my wood texturing. My goal was to make a game-ready weapon aimed at AAA.

The gyrocopter

This was my third portfolio piece, with this one I knew early on that I wanted to make some type of a Gyrocopter or at least an aircraft. I also gathered a lot of inspiration from the game Deathloop, and wanted to make an aircraft that matched their artstyle.

Revolver flamethrower

This flamethrower was a personal project of mine that I worked on in my spare time. Originally my idea was to make some type of a make-shift weapon. After some concepting and brainstorming I decided on making a revolver flamethrower.

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