Environment Art Collection

Environment Art Collection

Jesse de Groot
by JessedeGroot on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A collection of my personal favorite 3D environment artworks from years 2021-2022. It brings me joy to see the different workflows and styles each coming to their own results.

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Abbey in The Snow

Inspired by romanticism paintings, "Abbey in the Oakwood" by Caspar David Friedrich, and "Night Scene with Architectures by Antonio Basoli, I created a realtime snowy scene in Unreal 5 with the help of Quixel Bridge.


Heavily inspired by Art Deco and the video games Bioshock and Prey, I tried creating a playable environment of an underwater prison facility in Unreal 4. The main goal was to build multiple areas through modular means and have it tell a story as a whole.

Ulf's Viking Stylist Salon

A small stylized environment where my goal was to tie an Old Age Civilization and occupation together in a small environmental piece.

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