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by Junss on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Spare a second for your wannabe 3D Generalist. Here are some of the animations I've worked on these first 5 months of studying 3D animation at CG Spectrum

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Dont Go Yellow

quote from survivor of the gaspunk revolution, Alfred, " Imagine a world infected with toxic gases. Capable of sending any living creature to an unimaginable experience when inhaled but who was to blame? The humans of course, who else? For centuries we've been digging up this planet, using it's natural gases to power our lights and machinery. Natural gases........ guess we weren't natural enough.


The story takes place in a highly contaminated area in which we are introduced to this character who wears a mask but somethings wrong with her mask. It blinks yellow. The mask blinks yellow to warn the wearer that they have been contaminated with the toxic gases but it is too late. She attempts to escape an inevitable fate.


A horror themed film with the intentions of making the colour yellow, a colour of danger. Here are some frames throughout the film where I tried to emphasis this.

This is the mask modelled in blender. Textured and rendered with Renderman

This is the full creature sculpted in blender starting from a base mesh I got online. Textured and rendered with Renderman

Animation playblasts

This film was a tall hurdle to jump maybe too tall of a hurdle as I had started making this film with only 2 months of experience with 3D animation and its pipeline at the time. I was too ambitious and my inexperience probably shows through this film but I've learnt so much from this journey. Can't wait to see myself in a couple of years.

 Thanks to all who had supported me. Thanks for watching!!

Responsible for everything except 

3D pipes, clock and boiler models - CG Trader

Dana rig - CG Spectrum


This animation was part of a bi-weekly animation challenge that occurs at my school. Themed: Olympics

Progression for the shot

Walk in Cat

This is another bi-weekly challenge I took part in. Themed: Walk in

Walk in cat blocking

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