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Stylized Characters/Props

Stylized Characters/Props

Lara D'Adda
by daddalara on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I have a big passion for stylized art, so here's a collection of my works. I like to start from my own concepts and translate them in 3d, but I also love looking for other amazing concepts online. Hope you like it! :)

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I have a big love for stylized art, so here's a collection of my works!

Oolung Tea Dragon - Cute creature 

I had a lot of fun working on this cute Tea Dragon and trying to find a cool flip animation for the mug. I first modelled the dragon in a simmetric straight pose and then rigged it to achieve the same look as in the concept.
~ Sculpt and polypaint done in Zbrush
~ Baking in Substance
~ Retopo and Animation in Maya
Concept is from Piper Thibodeau.

The Moonchild - Character model

"The main story here is the Moonlake Temple, where all of the souls, who had lost in the darkness, can find it’s shelter and a chance to purify itself. This sacred place has its guardians - The Moonchild, who was blessed by the moon-god with the mysterious artifact box to guide the lost souls” Amazing concept by Angelina Chernyak

~ Sculpt and polypaint done in Zbrush ~ Baking and materials in Substance ~ Retopo and Animation in Maya ~  Render in Marmoset and sketchfab

The Witch's Spells Room - Props sculpt

For this project I decided to translate my original concept in 3d to improve my zbrush skills.
I tried sticking to my initial cute/evil style, stylized and chonky. The cozy witch's spells room has a monster chair from where she can chill and curse her enemies, a magic hat made with monster leather and powered by crystals, a cauldron for the potions and to showcase the skulls of who dared to challenge her, a voodoo doll made out of a stuffed bunny, and a book containing all the spells.

Barbarian Warrior - Real-time head

Real-time head of a barbarian warrior woman. Loved the badass vibes from the concept. 
~ Sculpt in Zbrush ~ Baking and Textures in Substance ~ Retopo in Maya

Concept is from Cedric Peyravernay :

Peaky Blinders Frog - Character sculpt

This project was done to practice sculpt and polypaint in zbrush. I came up with a funny concept of a frog (tomato frog) dressed as Thomas Shelby from Peaky Blinders and tried to pose it accordingly.

Low Poly Stylized Props

Double spear inspired by the enchanted forest of Ardenweald in WoW world, ruled by the Night Fae Covenant.
~Modelled in Maya , textured in 3D Coat and Photoshop.

Chinese Lantern Shop 
Stylized little diorama of an old chinese lantern shop, where the owner sells and crafts new lanterns for every occasion. Even if sometimes panda’s sneak in the shop to play when he’s away.
I made some concepts to start from, modelled it in Maya , textured in 3D Coat and Photoshop

Stylized WW1 Plane 
WW1 Plane - SE.5a ‘Hisso’, inspired by Ghibli’s movies and the lovely Totoro.
~Modelled in Maya , textured in Photoshop.

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