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Wicked Warehouse

Wicked Warehouse

Wicked Warehouse is a chaotic co-op game where you team up as low-salary Beemazone workers to fight the odds against waves of boxes that need to be "carefully" moved to their delivery areas.

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In the 21st century, everyone orders online and they want their Beemazon orders YESTERDAY. But who's going to make all that possible?

Why It's you of course! Minimum wage warehouse workers!

Team up with a friend and attempt to complete orders of different boxes that ever increase in difficulty! All the while avoiding forklifts and robo cranes. It's enough to make an OSHA inspector cry!

But be careful, if you fail to complete orders, your boss will get angry! Do that enough times and say goodbye to your job!

Developement: Tim Vermant & Tristan Wauthier
Art: Niyash Khadka, João Desager & Jesse de Groot

If you feel like playing our game,

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