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Mia Maloney - First Year Uni Work

Mia Maloney - First Year Uni Work

by RiketskiNaiagasa on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A compilation of work completed during my first year of Comic and Concept Art at Leeds Arts University.

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Wrestler -

For this assignment I was tasked with creating three different wrestler designs each with their own theme/motif.

Winged Victory - A speedy, agile wrestler known for her many victories in the ring and high velocity moves.

Boa Constrictor - Boa is fashionable and sexy but also incredibly tough and is never seen without a crowd of her dedicated fans who hold her at an idol level.

Brazo - A multi-armed luchador inspired wrestler whose crushing grip has almost killed several of his opponents.

Place of Reflection -

For this assignment I chose the prompt 'Place of Reflection'.  A forgotten, overgrown yet tranquil place with a totem at its centre.

Giant's Final Resting Place - A giant dormant goddess who, over time, has been swallowed up by the earth around her. Despite there being few old enough to remember her, someone seems to be leaving an offering.

Tree of Life - A magnificent tree in which resides an ancient spirit known for assisting in the creation of the universe. Few know the location of the tree and even fewer are brave enough to face the journey there.

Yaldabaoth Statue - A sunken temple with a lonely statue of a forgotten hero at its centre. Its only caretaker bears an odd resemblance to the statue.

Scientist -

From a series of prompts I chose scientist and from this the monster maker Michael was created. A once respected bioengineer turned workaholic mad scientist. He is forever on the search for his magnum opus which was stolen from him.

The world in which Michael lives is a modern day world, albeit with more advanced technology such as the ability to toy with genetics.

Michael's House - Michael's townhouse was once evidence of his respected profession and wealth but now, always littered with rubbish and with sightings of strange creatures in the windows, it only serves to bring the house prices down. His neighbours include a single mother and her teenage son, who is almost as elusive as Michael's creatures and an elderly woman who's cats rule the neighbourhood. 

Michael's Lab - Michael's base of operation. This once well decorated, homely room was turned completely upside down by one mans crazed experiments. It is often occupied by Michael's most trusted companions, Delta Vagus-B and the frog dog.

Michael's Briefcase - A heavy duty briefcase that Michael takes everywhere with him. It contains some of his most important work as well as various items he may need on his search for his missing work.

Collaborative Practice -

As part of a group project I was tasked with creating two characters and a prop.

Scholar and Servant - Final designs for the reclusive and old fashioned scholar and his loyal servant.

EMP Beacon - The final design for the EMP beacon, a ramshackle, hastily put together mess designed for shutting down a giant mech known as the East Wind.

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