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Game Art 2022

Game Art 2022

Filip Leurs
by filipleurs on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hey, I am a grooming artist who graduated at DAE last year. While I enjoy grooming, my studies were mainly focussed on game art which got me into the industry. I love sculpting stylized characters and props to relax and improve my skillset. This entry is a summary of the skills I learned during my time at DAE.

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01 - Game ready assets

The props in this section went through the full 3D game art pipeline. From sculpting / modelling a high poly model, retopology, unwrapping, baking & texturing and lighting.

Photon Blaster

I created this photon blaster to practise my game asset skills. The full game artpipeline was covered: Highpoly made in 3ds Max + Zbrush, lowpoly retopo in 3ds Max , baking and texturing in Substance painter. Final shots and lighting in UE4 + sketchfab

This model was based on the concept of Ruben Perez Gonzalez.

Smith & Wesson revolver

Smith & Wesson Model 10 I made using the same workflow as the Photon Blaster above.

Viking axe

For this one I wanted a stylized approached and a fully sculpted high poly to practise Zbrush

Sculpt used to bake onto the lowpoly:


The sculpt used to bake onto the lowpoly:


The sculpt used to bake onto the lowpoly:

02 - Sculpting practices

The models below were purely made to practice sculpting and transle 2D concepts in 3D.

Both raptor sculpt concepts were made by Eric Scales.

Halloween Raptor-o'-lantern

Dragon Bust

The slider below shows my 3D model with a Zbrush rendering effect to compare it to the original drawing from Eric Scales

Viking prop sculpts

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