Erin Dennie: Character and Illustration Portfolio

Erin Dennie: Character and Illustration Portfolio

Erin Dennie
by ErinDennie on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A collection of work from my 2nd and 3rd year and CDW Studies. Majorly 2D character design with some 2D Illustration pieces as well.

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Elven Priestess Character Design

This character was done during a summer class this year. We were given freedom over our brief and I decided to design a magical elven shrine priestess.

Bow Design

A key part of this character was her magic bow cross harp. I did a few thumbnails before going into blender and making a rough model of the bow.

Overwatch Hero Designs

These designs were done for my character design class last semester. The brief was to design a set of characters to fit into an action/fighting game. I ended up deciding I wanted to design characters for overwatch as I've always enjoyed the game's diverse roster.

Overwatch Hero Splash Art Illustration

Also part of the character design class we had to pair two of our characters together into an illustration. As I had two characters who had a criminal background I thought it would be cool to pair them up and have them fighting back to back. 

Bodyguard and Princess Character Design

These two characters were designed for a project called The Structure. The Structure is an common source project that is being worked on at Flinders.

Demon Character Illustration

This illustration was the final piece for an earlier character design class

Desert Imp Design

This character was another character I did in the summer class this year. It is a character from the same universe and he functions as the priestess's antagonist.

Thank you for looking at my entry!

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