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Noah SAMBOU : Concept Art and Illustration 2021-2022

Noah SAMBOU : Concept Art and Illustration 2021-2022

Noah Sambou
by mounartt on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi! I am a French student at Isart Digital and this is my first contribution to this event. Very happy to participate in the Rookies. Don't hesitate if you have any feedback!

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Very happy and excited to participate for the first time in the Rookies. Let's go!

Mawiri : RPG GAME

For my end-of-year project. I had the opportunity with my classmates to create an RPG game. Here is my work on our game "Mawiri".  I start with the splash art I made. The image composition is shifted to the right for the game's main menu interface in game.

To graphically define the universe of the game, I drew some environmental concepts.

Here are my characters and props concepts for this project

A few screenshots of the game

Nogwe : Character Design

During the school year, I wanted to develop a character project with Goblins so here it is!

The Spirit Village

For this project, I put the environment at the centre of attention. The aim was to focus on the storytelling of the image. I painted from a 3D base that I modeled entirely on Maya. This allowed me to test several shots before starting to paint over them. 

Mecha : War reporters

For this project, I wanted to develop a small war reporter mecha with the appearance of an ostrich.

Thanks for your attention

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