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Erica Kim Rookies 2022

Erica Kim Rookies 2022

Erica Kim
by Ericakim and murielchoi on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hello! My name is Erica Kim. I am a senior at Savannah College of art and design. I wanted to share the work I have done beginning of this year. Here are the projects I have worked on with my teammates and myself.

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Here are the projects I have created with my teammates and myself in the journey of becoming a motion designer.


Little Forest is the "Caring for Kids in Nature" program for children who have no one and place to play; it is a healing variety program designed for home kids in garden development projects. The kids spend two days and one night with the cast, away from their parents for the first time.


The 'Little Forest' focuses not on being a good kid but on growing up to be a kid; the sequence will focus on the children and the concept of growing up in nature.


2D Animation and design: Cathy Lin, Erica Kim, Muriel Choi

Process Book

Little Forest is a team project. 

In the beginning, each team member drew their version of the storyboard, then we brought it together and combined the scenes to create a storyboard that shows the statement of the project. Then, each member designed one styleframe to see who's design style we would choose and follow. We decide to go with Cathy Lin's design style. 

After choosing the design style, each member worked on the design and animation of the scene chosen from their storyboard. 


Logo animation study using the logo of  Hwahae. Hwahae is a mobile beauty app that provides all the beauty information you look for; from search to purchase, it recommends the right cosmetics for your skin. The concept of the logo is to show positivity about the band and add the science behind the products without being off-putting. 

Personal  Logo 

For my logo, I wanted to focus on the design style that describes who I am as a designer/ animator for my logo. Using a simple shape, going down using other objects to go back up represents the process of finding the design style; then, in the end, I find myself in my secure place to be; surrounded by various design styles I could try.

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