Play as the hero Yoru as he discovers his heritage and gets tossed into a fight he absolutely was not prepared for. NeonDemon is a hack and slash game for music lovers. Each weapon has a unique set of music attached to it, giving the player the satisfaction of hacking his/hers way through demons!

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Live through Yoru as he discovers his heritage and learns to use his abilities to fight the demon scourge.

Pick fighting style based on the music you feel fits you best while you travel through Tokyo hack and slashing through tons of demons

You can download our Prototype here:!AhemXsfu6JDXgrwmR4WEgYn1ITJ0Jw?e=ybymjR

We are all lovers of games and have dreamt about starting an indy studio for a while. After two years at vocational school, we have as part of our final exams made this prototype for NeonDemon. We really hope it looks promising and we hope to be able to fully develop it.

NeonDemon was born out of a car ride listening to music. We really enjoy games that give us that feeling of power, that just gets all that much better when that right type of music comes on. Just like devil may cry, or the FarCry series. We've all experienced that special moment where you just play the game, dig the music and forget time. That's what we hope to bring home to players worldwide with NeonDemon.

And ofc, this game has really let us put into practice what we have learned over the last two years. Everything from 3D modeling props and characters, optimizing for game engines, and blueprinting and game design in unreal engine.

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