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Juliette MICHEL - CG student

Juliette MICHEL - CG student

Juliette Michel
by juliettemichel on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi ! My name is Juliette MICHEl, I'm a CG student in fourth year at MoPA (Arles, France). Here are my best works of this year ! Hope you will like it !

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My best works of 2021-2022

The painter

2D concepts

"The painter" is the first project I did on Maya and Arnold. We had to create an anthropomorphic character. I wanted to do someone elegant and sensitive so I chose a painter ! The Barzoï, a russian dog breed, seemed perfect to match these words.

I also discovered Xgen by doing the grooming of the character and Susbtance Designer for the pullover, the ground etc. It was really fun to do !

I used diffferent softwares like Zbrush, Substance Painter and Nuke.

WAKAN TANKA - 1min30 solo shortfilm

"In order to recover her revolver lost during a battle, Calamity Jane passes through a devastated Indian camp... which awakens the spirits."

This is a 1min30 shortfilm I directed alone, in remote. I worked on this project during 5 months. The theme was "Magic" and I chose to represent the indian spirits. I tried to a big evolution throughout the film. I also loved playing with colors to match the mood of each scene !

The softwares I used are : 3dsMax, VRay, Blender, Substance Painter, Zbrush, Photoshop, Nuke, Premiere, Sony Vegas and Audition

Visual development

Character design

Character modeling

Animation 2D


I rigged the faces and the characters' accessories by myself, but I used the autorig by Ludovic Habas for the bodies !

Breakdowns and compositing

OYABUN - 30 seconds shortfilm

The fast life of Habu, an ambitious yakuza that becomes the "oyabun", the leader of his clan

OYABUN is a 30 seconds shortfilm I co-directed with Clémence Provost, Swann Valenza, Julien Coetto, Téo Frantz and Florian Maurice.

We did it during our 4th year at MoPA school, during 10 weeks. The theme was "Space and shapes". The goal was to make a dynamic shortfilm that looks like a blockbuster trailer.

We used Maya, Arnold, Xgen, Marvelous Designer, Zbrush, Nuke, Photoshop.

Character design of Habu

I worked on the character design with Clémence Provost. We tried to give Habu an androgynous and unrealistic look. He isn't very strong but is very agile and intelligent. He also has to match with the snake : dynamic shapes and sharp edges.

The snake modeling

I was in charge to do the snake modeling and Julien Coetto made the skin details we can see in the shortfilm.

Habu surfacing, grooming and displacement

I did the surfacing with the help of Swann Valenza for the skin. The tattoo was a big part of the texturing work, done on Substance Painter. I had a lot of fun doing his blue eyes.

The grooming was done on Xgen. I designed his haircut to match with his tattoo.

Lighting and compositing

Some shots I did the lighting and compositing on, except the compositing of the last shot made by Julien Coetto.

I loved doing these lightings. It was a pleasure to put these vibrant colors and to give the images even more dynamism !

Exercice "Robin Robin" shot study

For this exercise, I had to study the mood and the lighting of a shot. I chose a shot from "Robin Robin" by Aardman studios because I really admire their lightings and designs. We had 2/3 weeks to make it.

Thanks for reading me ! If you want to see more of my work, you can follow me on instagram : @juliettemichelart.
Bye ! :)

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