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Octane 3D Sculpt - Apex Legends Fan Art

Octane 3D Sculpt - Apex Legends Fan Art

Josh Methven
by joshmethven on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A University project in Character Sculpting & Texturing. The focus of this brief was to build a "Futuristic Citizen" 200 years into the future. The final result has to be based in reality and look as realistic as possible with the end goal to aim for AAA next-gen realism. I used Octane as my chosen character.

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I collected references of Octane through Apex Legends gameplay, Art Station concept art and fan art. My workflow on this project required using various software's. I blocked out the body and accessories using Blender. Then I used ZBrush to sculpt in detail and extract the clothes. Once I had a low & high poly mesh for my character, I used substance painter to bake the normal maps and texture the character. Then to end the project I rendered out the finals images using Cycles, Blender and integrating Mixamo to rig and animate my character. This University Year 1 project taught me the workflow in character creation, how to bake more efficient normal maps and optimise texture maps to speed up the modelling process.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This was an educational remake of the Octane character designed & developed by the Respawn Entertainment Team. Everything was modelled and textured myself however the design process was copied from the original character.

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