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HK G28 | Dust'n'Dirt

HK G28 | Dust'n'Dirt

Matthias Schmitz
by ripred on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I made this G28 a while ago as a personal project and after a lot of feedback I decided to redo the textures and renders to make it look more realistic and more believable.

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HK G28 Dust'n'Dirt

I modelled and textured this weapon a while back, however, I completely reworked the textures and redid the renders to make it look more realistic and believable.
For this process I applied a lot of feedback that I got from many artists like that it was looking too clean and too new before. That is why this version of the weapon is now called Dust'n'Dirt.

The highpoly was modelled in 3ds Max & Zbrush.
Lowpoly and Unwrap were made in 3ds Max, textures were created in Substance Painter and lastly, the renders were made in Unreal Engine 4 (back in the days, before that cool UE5 came around the corner)

The materials include 4 x 2k texture sets and the model has a tricount of 36.2k

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