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Graduation project and Portfolio 2022

Graduation project and Portfolio 2022

BIDAULT Guillaume
by MaguiBG on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hey guys! My name is Guillaume BIDAULT and i'm 25 years old. I'm a really big fan of video games since my childhood I also love movies, series and animation! Thanks to New3Dge who allowed me to discover the profession of concept artist. Here is my graduation project and some projects I worked on ! ENJOY :D

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Welcome to Bingtown the merchants city !

Here is my Graduation Project based on the book Liveship Trader from Robin Hobb. It was a real pleasure to think about the stylized design of this city I wanted to show.I realy like the tropical mood with beautiful colours and cool shapes!

The story takes place in a fantastic universe where some boats (belonging to merchants of all kinds) live. They are called Liveship.

The Vestrit family owns one of them: Vivacia

For the city of Bingtown I was inspired by the Caribbean and particularly Cuba with its neo classic shapes !

In Bingtown there is some garden with table and chair for the buyer to take a little rest before leaving.

The liveship of the Vestrit family commanded by Althea's great-grandmother, she awakens upon the death of her captain and father of Atlhea, Ephron Vestrit.

The Bingtown docks welcome many merchants and goods from all over. The Vivacia is moorred in this harbor.


During this year we worked in team on this Game Art graduation project, it was a lot of fun to work on a stylized project !

Umiko is a friendly top down game with beautiful colours based on 3 different biomes !

My goal was to design this environment with crazy colours in order to differentiate this biome in a calm place like as if time had stopped.

It was a relly good opportunity to work on this game with our wonderfull team !

Clément Legouini, Nicolas Pertays, Arthur Ripert and Ian Farlay.

Thanks to you guys <3

This is some concepts for the game

This is a paintover I did few months after the concept so that the Game Art Team can spot their mistakes and better guide themselves in their work !

Big thanks to the Game Art team who trust us on the concepts of their game which respects them perfectly, to my great pleasure!

Thomas Corvée, Joe Rodrigues, François Larrieu, Antoine Zavagno, Gustave Besnard, Mathieu Méchaussier, Maxime Lecas and Aniss Laghsas


Here are some of the works carried out during this year!


I would first like to thank my parents and my brother who have been a great mental support during these last two years thank you very much I love you ❤️ !

A big thanks you for all of the New3Dge team especially to the Baratian family and Aurelien Fournier who gave me the opportunity to prove myself in the field of concept art.

Special thanks to all the artists who came to teach and supported us during these two years and especially to Ulysse Verhasselt who taught me by a lot ✌🏻

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