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Sandra Baiju Prasad
by GenSxndy, abdullahalhilli, and auden on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Set during an alternative World War II, humans fight against their own bio-mechanical experiments gone horribly wrong. We witness the final moments of the last surviving creature.

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VFX Short Film

Remnant (noun) : a part or quantity that is left after the greater part has been used, removed, or destroyed.

In an alternative World War II, mankind fights to protect their precious land against their very own creation gone berserk. The story here focuses on a defeated battle of fighting mutant troops, with one last foot soldier painfully crawling away for its life. With no commander to guide it, our main character hopes for the best. However luck does not favour him when the British army are on the hunt for the surviving victims.


Creature Concepts

We were excited to create a completely unique creature from scratch. Our concept artist Nora created many iterations of a bug mutant before coming up with a final concept. It is now a combination of the anatomies of a wasp, prawn and grasshopper. This was later adjusted by our modeler to look more tortured and battle ready. 

Research & Development

Shot Development 

Look Development Process


CORE TEAM: Students at University of Hertfordshire

Sandra Baiju Prasad - Texture I Lookdev

Alice Pott - Team Management I Lighting I Rendering

Abdullah Al-Hilli - Environment Artist

Fred Austin - Lead Animator I Wire Sim I Editing I Additional Rigging

Zhan√© Nathan-Grant - Creature Modeller I Environment Texturing

A big thank you to our freelancers as well for their essential contribution to our film!

Bruno Pires - FX

Marlon Gouveia - SFX and Music Score

Nora Pikoszky - Creature Concept Artist

Gererd Murphy - Animation

Jashua Fernandez - Lead Rigging

Ivaylo Yanev - Compositing

Jaison Kerai - Compositing

James Green - Compositing

Guy Frutiger - Compositing

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