Weapons & Grenades

Weapons & Grenades

Martin Frykler
by Scheff on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

On the weekends between my work I have practice my weapon art skills too improve on my hard surface modeling. In here you will find 2 guns and 2 grenades that are game ready assets.

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Weapons & Grenades

M 10

 In Unreal Engine 5. 

Tris: 12882

Textures: Color, Packed AO/Roughness/Metallic, Normal (4096x4096)

AR 15

UE 5

Tris: ~27000

Textures: The gun, Color, Packed AO/Roughness/Metallic, Normal (4096x4096).

Ammo in the magazine got its own clamped texture so the mag can empty by changing the Y parameter that only can move in steps and have a bump offset node to give the bullets a faked depth, 512x512 color and Normal map.

M 67 grenade

UE 5

Tris: 5584

Texture:Color, Packed AO/Roughness/Metallic, Normal (1024x1024).

M84 Stun grenade 

UE 5

Tris: 9752

Textures: Color, Packed AO/Roughness/Metallic, Normal (2048x2048)

Substance painter render.

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